About us

Since 1962, Faberplast has been developing technical and industrial solutions for the manufacture, distribution design of all sorts of products made with plastic materials. We are highly specialised in the development of projects and products made with Perspex (Plexiglas-PMMA), both transparent and in multiple colours. We do also work with other plastic materials, such us: foamed and expanded PVC, polystyrene and polycarbonate. Furthermore, we are also devoted to produce all sorts of digital printing work, focussed to the areas of labelling, corporate imaging and comercial equipment.

As specialized manufacturers we have the latest and constantly renewed machinery of high precision and high quality for our processes of laser cutting, manipulation, folding, assembly, digital printing, gluing and much more. Our ID department, production and design are in constant development and in full activity to always offer the best solutions to all our customers.

We are specialised in providing materials for points of sail, in exhibitors for Point of Purchase Advertising of consumer products, for advertising and other purposes. We are in a condition to comply with orders for any number of items for industrialists, decorators, professional services, stores, advertising agencies and many other sectors.

We manufacture a broad number of customised articles, either designed by our customers or profiting of the creativity of our Technical Design Department. As manufacturers, we are able to produce customised jobs in a unique manner, with highly-advanced production techniques and using state-of-the-art machinery.

About us

Additionally, we count on a broader and broader line of standard products that is permanently available for sale in our online store: https://www.faberplast.eu These products are aimed at diverse professional and private needs and there are more than 800 of them in our stock.

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