Design and / or manufacture of brochure holders, boxes or display holders made of Methacrylate (Plexiglas – PMMA). Standard and Custom models for counter-top, wall or on foot, tailored by Faberplast or according to customer design.

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Plexiglas sheet holder

Plexiglas sheet holder displays opaque and translucent colors (Plexiglas-pmma) made for all types of loose sheets: advertising, information, menus, offers, IDs, images, flyers and much more.

Made to measure or in multiple standard formats, with logos and corporate image through high quality direct digital printing. Normally in low thickness can be requested from a single unit or for large series with different treatments.

Plexiglas Wall Brochure holder

Brochure holders, leaf holders and boxes for advertising, documentation, offers, flyers and information of any size, in hanging or wall hanging format, with or without ad-hoc personalization.

Manufactured in acrylic plexiglas-perspex for customized versions of high quality or injected polystyrene for low cost needs.

Brochure holder counter top

Brochure holders custom and standard formats, made in acrylic Plexiglas (Perspex-PMMA) and polystyrene. Made to place on table tops, counters, shelves, windows, etc. With individual holes or multiple boxes to place all kinds of brochures, advertising, information or catalogs.

To buy standard models visit our store.

Card Holders Perspex

Card holders desktop or wall format, in different colors and transparent. Manufactured in polystyrene or perspex (Plexiglas-pmma) with the possibility of personalization in direct digital printing or screen printing. Customized or standard format for online sale.

Portfolios - shop windows - pendants - tensors

Hanging leaf holders and LED folders for shop windows, shops and exhibitions. Tensioning systems with steel wiring to hang from the ceiling and other supports, which allow easy placement and display of offers, advertising, information or images.

Travel agencies, real estate agencies and many other businesses already have this type of visual systems, with or without LED lighting to exchange sheets inside with the content that needs to be displayed at all times.

Manufactured with transparent acrylic perspex (Plexiglas-pmma) in standard formats A4 or A3 and we can also make the measurement you ask us.

Brochure holders surface

Brochure holders surface made of perpesx (Plexiglas-pmma) and other large variety of plastic and metal materials.

Stands and displays for advertising, brochures, information and all types of catalogs, whether with customary or customized measures. Systems of great resistance, also for outdoor, with cartels and other systems to place corporate image through digital printing and adhesive vinyl.

Destined to fairs, exhibitions, show rooms, points of sale, etc ...

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