Design and / or manufacture of custom and standard displays (Counter-top, Stand or Posters) for POP and other events. Produced in methacrylate PERSPEX ( Plexiglas - PMMA ), PVC foam, polystyrene, metal and other materials.
You can check our customized designs in our website, and the standard models in our online shop.

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Acrylic plexiglas product display on foot

In Faberplast we can manufacture the acrylic plexiglas display you need, with the design you provide us and the opportune personalization. We also have standard models.

Product exhibitors in large floor formats, exhibitors or monoliths for communication and exhibition of brands, logos and corporate image.

Manufactured with transparent acrylic perspex-plexiglas, translucent, nuanced and a wide range of colors (Plexiglas-pmma). As well as other plastic materials. If you need a single unit or many more, do not hesitate to contact us, we are very quick to give you a quote, make your display and have very competitive prices.

Acrylic plexiglas product display counter top

Each brand needs an acrylic plexiglas (perspex) display adapted to its products, and for that reason we manufacture display units for customized points of sale according to the needs of each client, with the design that best suits each case.

Formats for table, counter or specific showcases, of small size and for not very large products that require small designs: cosmetics, food and drinks, jewelry, new technologies, fashion and a long etc.

We make the units that are necessary, with a previous prototype if you request it and the whole process with great speed, because we know that agility is really very important.

Acrylic plexiglas Brochure holders

Design and / or manufacture of brochure holders, boxes or display holders made of Methacrylate (Plexiglas – PMMA). Standard and Custom models for counter-top, wall or on foot, tailored by Faberplast or according to customer design.

And now also with environmentally friendly materials, 100% recycled transparent plexiglas on request and integrated in some standard products.


Brochure holders surface

Brochure holders surface made of perpesx (Plexiglas-pmma) and other large variety of plastic and metal materials.

Stands and displays for advertising, brochures, information and all types of catalogs, whether with customary or customized measures. Systems of great resistance, also for outdoor, with cartels and other systems to place corporate image through digital printing and adhesive vinyl.

Destined to fairs, exhibitions, show rooms, points of sale, etc ...

Plexiglas display indicators

Display and indicators of plexiglas - perspex brand, products usually very personalized and made according to the needs of each client, with the size and shape that best suits the image of each brand.

Manufactured with acrylic perpspex plates (plexiglas-pmma) of varying thickness, from 2 mm. from now on, printed in digital format with laser silhouetted.

Take care of your brand, make yourself known, identify your product and position your advertising, but always with an element of methacrylate manufactured in Faberplast.

Plexiglas basses and stands

Basses and stands of transparent acrylic perspex-plexiglas, translucent or opaque colors and other plastic materials such as Foamapan-Foamalyx (foamed matt PVC).

Complements focused on the exhibition of products at points of sale, decoration or visual communication.

Bases and cubes of the measure that you ask us, for the placement of all kinds of objects, with the possibility of marking with direct digital printing, without adhesives, with eco-solvent inks and high-quality finishes.

Plexiglas monoliths

Acrylic monoliths (Plexiglas-PMMA) and other quality plastic materials made to measure according to the needs of each client, adapting the measurements to each case, making different combinations of materials and formats depending on the point of placement and the desired size.

Monoliths made with direct digital printing or adhesive digital printing, high quality ECO-UV inks, sharp and deep colours faithful to the corporate design requested by each client. And now we are also more sustainable and we have 100% recycled and recyclable plexiglas.

Display stands for figures

Own, personalized and handmade manufacture of exhibitors for figures, toys, collections and all kinds of exhibition or collection products. Made with transparent perspex and opaque, tinted or translucent colors (Plexiglas®-PMMA) of high quality and state-of-the-art laser technology, with the possibility of digital printing with UV eco inks. Manufactured with 100% recycled ACRYLIC (Green Cast®-RMMA) and other plastic materials. Without minimum quantities and with delivery in record time. Made in UE.

Are you looking for Custom Displays?

Get in contact with us! We are experts in the manufacture of Custom Displays and all kinds of products in methacrylate and plastic materials. We adapt to the needs of your business.

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