Plexiglas showcases counter top  in small formats for table, counter, showcase or stand. Manufactured for a multitude of products sold to the public, exhibits, works of art and sculptures.

Models with led lighting, doors with locks and decorated with digital printing with brand corporate image.And also many other standard models available for sale with immediate delivery in our online store.

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CUSTOM Small showcases counter top

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Here you have Small showcases counter top in standard models that you can buy in our online store directly.

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In this section you can see some examples of small perspex - plexiglas showcases. They are perfect for business and also for home. A small display case can be placed on a table, shelf, counter ... We talk about the advantages of this type of furniture and some of the models we have manufactured so far.

Advantages of small perspex - plexiglas showcases

Our perspex - plexiglas desktop showcases are made with the best quality materials. You can customize them, to get a mini showcase with the dimensions and the aspect that you like the most.
Through them you will draw attention to the product you want to market or display. They are elegant and discreet, and enhance what is inside, especially if led lights are added. With a dimmer ambient lighting, the objects inside will stand out much more.

Everything inside will be protected from shocks without the need to hide the content. In addition, depending on what you want to keep inside, you can choose different thicknesses or place a safety lock. With these measures, what you enter inside will be safer.

The perspex - plexiglas showcases we manufacture are very decorative. It is possible to build them with transparent perspex - plexiglas, although you can also add touches of color, capture images in high definition or put the logo of your company, through digital printing.

Uses of small showcases

The uses that can be given to small perspex - plexiglas showcases are very wide. Everything you put inside will have added value and more possibilities to be seen. These are the most common examples:

For exposure. The exhibition of works of art or antiques is one of the most common uses. Through a discreet design, art galleries and exhibitions can protect and enhance any object that is placed inside.
For advertising. Advertising is another of the most common uses that are usually given to these small display cases. Promotional items will be more visible in electronics stores, fashion stores or large stores.
For decoration. The use given to these small display cases is not exclusively commercial. They can also be used in homes, to display the most valued items or collections. If this is your case, you may choose to place perspex - plexiglas shelves, in which to place many small objects.
For food use. The materials used are compatible with food use. In a small perspex - plexiglas showcase, you can present your products, while being protected from dust, handling or insects.

As you can see, the options are varied. Check out our creations and take note so we can help you create your small methacrylate showcase, just as you wish. Tell us what you want and we will quickly send you a quote.

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Get in contact with us! We are experts in the manufacture of CUSTOM Small showcases counter top and all kinds of products in methacrylate and plastic materials. We adapt to the needs of your business.

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