In the market you can find different models of thermostats. Some control the temperature that exists in a space and other more complex, which can be programmed and even operated remotely from an electronic device. If you have one of these, it is advisable that you acquire a protector for the methacrylate thermostat, to ensure that it lasts longer in perfect condition and for other reasons, as we will see below.

What is the use of a plexiglas protection for the thermostat?
The main reason to protect a thermostat is to prevent it from being tampered with. With the installation of a protector, it is possible for anyone to raise or lower the temperature according to their criteria in the office or at home. The deprogramming of the device is also avoided, which can cause waste of energy. This happens frequently in homes, especially if there are small children.

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CUSTOM Thermostats boxes protectors

Faberplast perspex-plexiglas thermostat boxes are designed to offer the greatest protection. They are made of resistant perspex-plexiglas and can be equipped with a key lock, to prevent anyone else from manipulating them. It is possible to choose from simple closures to safety locks with tubular or other keys.

Most thermostat protective boxes are completely transparent, so you will have visual control at all times. It has also been thought of adequate ventilation, providing all models with sufficient holes to prevent overheating.

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To select the appropriate guard for your thermostat, you only have to choose one among the models that we show you next of boxes for thermostats with key. You will see all the options we have available for you.

If none of the thermostat boxes you see fit you, don't worry. Tell us the measurements and we will manufacture the one you need with the size you indicate. Likewise, if you want us to modify some detail of the design, just let us know and, if possible, we will do it.

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Thermostat boxes
The main reason to protect a thermostat with a box is to prevent it from being tampered with. With the installation of an ambient thermostat box, nobody can raise or lower the temperature according to their criteria in the office or at home. The deprogramming of the device is also avoided, which can cause a waste of energy. This occurs frequently in homes (especially if there are young children), in offices and workplaces.

Perspex-plexiglas) is a very versatile material. Among the products that can be created with this component are thermostat protective housings. Below we explain the utility they have and how you can choose the one you need for your model.

Why use protective boxes for thermostats
There are several reasons why you should use thermostat protectors. One of them is that it will be protected from dirt and bumps. The high prices reached by some require that everything possible be done to protect them.

Some thermostats are mobile and can be taken to different points in the house or office. Being in a methacrylate protector is no problem, the box has an easy opening door. Removing it will not involve any effort.

Another reason why it is necessary to use thermostat protectors is that it will prevent other people from accessing and changing the temperature at will. In many offices this is a matter that creates discord. The best solution is to use a box equipped with a lock, so access to the device will be much more limited.

Thanks to the protectors, children are also prevented from touching and deprogramming the thermostat. It is very important that children do not have access. Changing programs can generate considerable expenses and even cause heating failures.

In shopping centers and public places, it is very important that thermostats are well protected and equipped with maximum security closure. Inappropriate handling can cause customer discomfort and losses to businesses.

What is the right protector for my thermostat?
If you have already decided to buy a protector, you may wonder which one you have to buy. We have some predesigned for the most common types. However, there are many models, each with different shapes and sizes. If none of the sizes we have corresponds to yours, ask us to make one for you.

How are thermostat protectors
To make thermostats we use the highest quality materials. The thickness of perspex-plexiglas that we use is enough to withstand some of the most common blows. They are totally transparent, allowing you to see and control the screen at all times.

To avoid overheating they are perfectly equipped with ventilation. By means of holes drilled around the box, correct air circulation and overloads are achieved due to excessive heating.

You already know the reasons why you should put a protector on your thermostat. Acquire one of the ones we already have designed or tell us what yours is like, so that we can do it to measure.

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