Extensive and specialized manufacture of trophies, prizes and corporate gifts of acrylic perspex (Plexiglas-pmma).

Customized for each client with high quality digital printing, elegant finishes and carefully worked. No adhesives or low quality materials, because in Faberplast quality is what matters most to us.

But we also have very competitive prices, very fast delivery times and personal advice for each event.

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CUSTOM Plexiglas Trophies

Here you have CUSTOM Plexiglas Trophies work that we have done for our clients.

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Do you want a customized product like our examples of CUSTOM Plexiglas Trophies ?

In Faberplast we are experts in doing all kinds of works with methacrylate, whether they are Plexiglas Trophies or any other type of product such as the ones you can see browsing our website. Contact us and explain what you need!

Plexiglas - Perspex trophies

It is extremely comforting to receive recognition for a job well done, for a goal achieved or for having arrived before others. At Faberplast we can make elegant, eye-catching and original plexiglas - perspex trophies. In this section you can see some examples of those that we have manufactured according to the tastes of our customers.

How are plexiglas - perspex trophies made

To make the acrylic trophies (plexiglas), we use the best materials. You can ask us for advice or directly tell us what your ideas and preferences are so that we can make them the way you like them.

You will not have problems with the quality of the products. We do not use adhesives to join the pieces, thus avoiding problems of detachment or breakage of the materials. For printing images, logos and photos, we use digital printing, which provides perfect finishes.

Although we focus on plexiglas - perspex, we can also combine other plastic materials to achieve results adapted to your preferences. And if you want, we will make all your trophies using the colors that you like the most.


Personalized plexiglas - perspex trophy models

In addition to the plexiglas - perspex trophies, in this section you can see examples of other related products, such as awards, recognitions and corporate gifts. We show you samples of each case, which will help you decide how you want yours to be.

Simple plexiglas - perspex trophies. One footer and one vertical message will be all you need to deliver an award in recognition of achievements or triumph. In them you can include photographs, messages or your company logo.

Personalized plexiglas - perspex trophies. You can ask us for the perspex trophy (plexiglas) to have the shape you want. You will see that prizes have been created for sporting events, for companies and for competitions. In most, it has been used to make it clear who is delivering the product, so that you can also advertise.

Original plexiglas - perspex trophies. Among those present, the recognitions and the trophies, you will see some of the most original creations. As you can see, the tastes and ideas of those present are very much present. Tell us what you need and we will do it as you have thought.
Of course, you will have the best quality, both in the materials and in the finishes, but we will also give you a very competitive price and a very fast delivery time. Ask us for advice right now, we will help you design a trophy up to your expectations. Ask us for a quote and we will get back to you in no time.

Trophies are a way to recognize or reward top performance in an activity. They are generally awarded to recognitions from companies in any sector or to the winners of sports disciplines such as football, tennis, swimming, cycling, paddle tennis, basketball or in different activities such as dance, chess, singing, cooking, etc.

Being the winner of a trophy is a source of pride for the winner and they will probably want to place it in a visible place where other people can appreciate it, for this reason it is very important that the trophies are made of resistant materials and of great durability.

The materials in which the trophies are made are very varied. Currently plexiglas - perspex trophies are the most demanded in the market, this due to the great finish, appearance, resistance and durability they have. Its weight is only slightly heavier than that of water and its resistance as strong as that of aluminum, withstands 20 times more impacts than glass.

Plexiglas - perspex is a moldable material that allows you to create a wide variety of shapes and designs where creativity and imagination will have no limits. This material has excellent properties and characteristics, including:

-Resistance to the outside and to natural factors such as sun, humidity and dust.
-Resistance to impacts and falls.
-Excellent colors.

Plexiglas - perspex trophies are innovative and unique. Unlike other materials used to make trophies, plexiglas - perspex is a very versatile material that allows the combination of colors, personalization engravings, coupling of objects and a great variety of shapes and designs.

Trophies are much more than just an award, they are the result of the effort, dedication and perseverance of a person to achieve a goal or goal and nothing better to celebrate and preserve the memory of that achievement than with a plexiglas - perspex trophy.

Plexiglas - perspex trophies are quality, attractive, elegant, modern and innovative trophies and it is all these qualities that make methacrylate the trendsetting material today and without a doubt the preferred material of the future.

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Are you looking for CUSTOM Plexiglas Trophies ?

Get in contact with us! We are experts in the manufacture of CUSTOM Plexiglas Trophies and all kinds of products in methacrylate and plastic materials. We adapt to the needs of your business.

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