Ref. FBB1716-1383/19

Perspex trophy made in a personalized way for the brand: PFC COSMETICS.

Artisan made with transparent methacrylate plates for the upper plate (Plexiglas-pmma) processed by laser in the shape of the design requested by the client and high gloss black methacrylate for the base (Plexiglas-pmma). Both with direct digital printing.

There are many ways to make a methacrylate trophy, we will advise you to adapt it to the style, category and level required by the occasion or the event in question, with your idea and our long experience together we will shape you up to create the model you need .

However, if you have the clear idea of the trophy you want, send us the design and the number of units to make and we will pass the budget to you very quickly.

This product is located in: Trophies, awards and plexiglas presents, Plexiglas Trophies

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