Frames and photo frames holders made with transparent acrylic perspex or colors (Plexiglas-pmma). The possibilities that puts perspex at your fingertips are very extensive. With it you can create practical objects oriented to the business, the company or decorative elements to use in your home. For example, you can choose from one of our pre-designed methacrylate and picture frames that fits your decoration, or request a quote so that we can do it to your liking.

Custom Perspex photo holder

Here you have custom Perspex photo holder work that we have done for our clients.

Standard models of Perspex photo holder

Here you have Perspex photo holder in standard models that you can buy in our online store directly.

Are you looking for custom Perspex photo holder?

Get in contact with us! We are experts in the manufacture of custom Perspex photo holder and all kinds of products in methacrylate and plastic materials. We adapt to the needs of your business.

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