Design and / or manufacture of furniture and decorative items for the company and the home: tables, stools, shelves, cabinets, chairs and other accessories.

The acrylic perspex (Plexiglas-pmma) is a noble material of the highest quality, unique and different from any other material, which is preserved in perfect original condition for many years, but also in Faberplast we can make any design to measure.

Decoration for fairs, exhibitions, events and shops. With formats and measures that you will not find in the usual stores and whenever you want we can personalize it with digital printing.

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Plexiglas Furniture

In this section you will find all kinds of acrylic perspex furniture (Plexiglas-pmma) made by hand, since 1962 we have been manufacturing exclusive works at very competitive prices. We are craftsmen and we take care of the details of each piece of furniture with the utmost rigor.

We are here to help you set up, design and make chairs, dressers, waitresses, cornerboards, stools, shelves, cars, counters and other special products.

For events, fairs, exhibitions, shops, decoration in home and office, points of sale in any sector, hotels and restaurants.

Acrylic plexiglas tables

If you need a plexiglas table ad-hoc or some more special standard table, you are in the right place, because in Faberplast we are dedicated to making more usual things, coffee table, auxiliary or other types, that you will not find in usual stores. decor.

We also have standard models and we are constantly expanding our catalog, always made with high quality perspex (Plexiglas-pmma) and other plastic materials.

We can also ad-hoc your specific digital printing and everything in a record time, with very fast delivery times.

Plexiglas Trays

Acrylic plexiglas trays for welcome products (amenities) in hotels, presentation, exhibition, sale of products to the public, business gifts, hospitality and catering and other needs.

Manufactured in perspex (Plexiglas-pmma) and other plastic materials. Processed by laser for a high quality finish and precision. With decoration in digital printing and adaptable to the specific measurements of each case.

Perspex photo holder

Frames and photo frames holders made with transparent acrylic perspex or colors (Plexiglas-pmma). The possibilities that puts perspex at your fingertips are very extensive. With it you can create practical objects oriented to the business, the company or decorative elements to use in your home. For example, you can choose from one of our pre-designed methacrylate and picture frames that fits your decoration, or request a quote so that we can do it to your liking.

Plexiglas napkin holders

Sometimes it is said that the details make a difference and it really is a great reality with a lot of importance. The acrylic perspex napkin holders (Plexiglas-pmma) manufactured in Faberplast are made with a delicate finish, with a wide range of highly bright and pleasant colors in all environments.

We can manufacture the units you need, for the napkin that you have in your restaurant, hotel, home or company. With your logo, name or advertising, but we also have in stock many models that we can serve you immediately and the most common napkin measures.

Plexiglas Lamps

Plexiglas lamps for table or ceiling, manufactured for all types of needs: exhibitions, advertising, gifts, decoration and much more.

The lighting with acrylic perspex (Plexiglas-pmma) is the best match, thanks to the great variety of translucent colors we have and the optical transmission that facilitates the material.

With the possibility of personalization through digital printing of your design, logo, image or texts. Request your budget and in less than 24 hrs. we send you our best proposal.

Plexiglas accessories decoratives

Special decoration accessories in acrylic perspex-plexiglas that you will not find in other sections. Here we show all kinds of products for the home, the office, the commercial equipment, fashion, points of sale and other examples of everything we have manufactured for our customers.

You can get an idea of what we can do, but if you are looking for a complement related to the decoration, manufactured or likely to be in acrylic perspex (plexiglas-pmma), although you can not see it here, surely we can do it.

CRILATE Decoration objects

Crilate is an innovative brand of high quality decorative objects made of high gloss black and white perspex (Plexiglas-pmma).

Boxes, frames and other exclusive accessories that you can not find anywhere with this quality and specific design. Thoroughly worked with last generation technology to achieve some amazing finishes.

Different sizes for placement, conservation and exhibition of objects of all kinds. Or if you want to make a special and unique gift.

Canvas print

Original Canvas Print by different authors. Lovers of modern style can find prints and photos on canvas in our gallery. You can find the picture for your office, exhibition or home. With intense colors of our paintings on canvas that give life to your interior and the rich texture with a subtle dynamic.

The special canvas together with a more appropriate printing resolution guarantee the sharpest images and depth of colors. Each frame does not require additional frames and is ready to hang it.


Wallpapers is the ideal decoration to change and give a creative touch to your office, home or business.

The large size and bright colors makes the wallpapers give your interior a fresh and original aesthetic. In our store you can choose from over 100 models of wallpaper design. Inspired by the latest trends - modern abstractions, geometric figures or the magical world of fantasy.

Each of the wallpapers is available in various sizes, so it can match your wall whatever the size. Made of friselina, a material that has masking properties for irregularities of the wall and also create an insulating layer. Our wallpapers have unique fashion designs, which successfully decorate any type of decoration.

Plexiglas photo frames

Photo frames of acrylic perspex - plexiglas with the image you want. Specially designed to hang on the wall and decorate your office, home, business, event or exhibition.

With systems of supports to hang and separate from your wall, causing a very decorative flown effect. We can make them to measure or we have standard measurements so that you only have to send us your photo.

Made with acrylic perspex (Plexiglas-pmma), noble high-gloss material that facilitates lighting to your image really incredible, few materials get this effect so nice, but also protect your picture with a digital rear print, to avoid scratches, scratches and deterioration for cleaning.

Are you looking for Custom Decoration in plexiglas?

Get in contact with us! We are experts in the manufacture of Custom Decoration in plexiglas and all kinds of products in methacrylate and plastic materials. We adapt to the needs of your business.

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