A great revolution in the world of acrylic perspex-plexiglas has finally come to stay, contributing a great deal to the sustainability of the planet. We already have 100% recycled perspex-plexiglas in our production centers for the manufacture of acrylic products.


Green Cast is one of the few 100% recyclable plastics that maintains its characteristics very similar to those of the first production.

Green Cast® is the new generation of ecological plastics as it is the first 100% recycled acrylic perspex-plexiglas (RMMA) that maintains the same transparency and resistance as a conventional acrylic.

Acrylic perspex-plexiglas is widely known for its high light transmission and Green Cast® recycled acrylic is also manufactured to diffuse led lighting. With Green Cast for LEDs, unique spaces of comfort are created that improve our well-being but it is also a very bright diffuser to increase the visibility of your company since it is available in many colors.

The exhibitors, display cabinets, trophies, lecterns, boxes, urns, furniture or anti-contagion screens for protection against Covid-19 can also be made with recycled Acrylic perspex-plexiglas (Green Cast®).


We have lived through a time in which our production models have to be redesigned: new creative, industrial or consumer formats lean towards a circular vision of the economy and our lifestyle. We have to reduce the use of our primary resources, waste and develop reuse. The search for recyclable materials without losing their technical characteristics is the new focus of every company.

Both in private life and in work activities, each one has to answer a very important question: What can I do for the world in which I live?

The result of this effort is Green Cast®, cast acrylic sheets produced 100% with recycled raw materials (R-MMA).
PMMA is a noble and durable plastic, well known for its transparency, for its ease of processing, for its multiple colors and finishes, for its resistance. But the most important thing is that PMMA can be recycled, countless times, without ever losing all its important peculiarities.
Rethinking, reusing and recycling that is Green Cast®.



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