Acrylic plexiglas showcases wall display cases for points of sale, exhibitions, home and office. Customized for each customer and product, with security locking system.

We can make your showcase in different thicknesses, from a single unit and with the quality guarantee of Faberplast. Since 1962 we have made elegant and meticulously elaborated showcases to cover all kinds of needs.

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CUSTOM Plexiglas Showcases wall

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When presenting objects in shops, fairs or points of sale to the public, our Plexiglas Showcases wall are designed to be in contact with the wall. You can use your wall cabinet to present promotions, featured products, to place awards or pieces related to the activity of the company. They will also be a good showcase of bags, accessories, electronic devices, and many other products in the stores. At home they will serve to decorate with your collections, awards, books or whatever you deem appropriate.

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Depending on the location you want to give it, it can be very advantageous to use one of the perspex - plexiglas wall showcases that we present in this section. It is possible to place them against the wall or anchor them at a certain height, so that they remain suspended. Everything will depend on space, size, weight and your tastes and needs. We show you some advantages and peculiarities of this type of showcases.

Information about methacrylate Plexiglas Showcases wall
Perspex wall showcases (plexiglas) are generally placed against a wall and do not move again, except at specific times. There are very large ones, which are placed on the floor and anchored to the wall. In this way, the space to exhibit is used much better, without the risk of falling due to overweight or shock.

As they can be divided to your liking, you will have no problem placing a multitude of objects inside. You can ask us to have the dimension you want and as many shelves as you want. We will leave everything ready for you to place them to your liking.

In the case of suspended Plexiglas Showcases wall, they have the advantage that they can be placed at eye level without the need for any support. All the things that you want others to see, you can place inside and will not go unnoticed.

Types of Plexiglas Showcases wall
You can see different types of methacrylate wall display cabinets in this section. You can choose one of the models we have already created or ask for a new one. We will make a new design adjusted to your needs.

• Standing Plexiglas Showcases wall: Standing windows can be as tall and wide as you want. They are placed against the wall and fixed to it, to avoid overturning. You can leave them with nothing inside, to place large objects or put many shelves, to fill them with things. These types of cabinets are perfect for business, due to their visibility, resistance and simple maintenance. In addition, a lock can be placed for more security.

• Suspended Plexiglas Showcases wall: Suspended Plexiglas Showcases wall are very good for businesses that want to display promotional items, without depending on a foot or auxiliary support. They can be made square, rectangular, in different sizes ...

• Customized Plexiglas Showcases wall: The classic is a transparent Plexiglas Showcases wall, but modifications can always be made. For example, it is possible to combine colors and even other materials. If you want your company logo to be engraved or that any image or photograph is visible, just tell us and we will use the latest digital printing techniques to appear. Your store, your office or your home will look great with one of these wall cabinets.

As you can see, we are able to create the perfect Plexiglas Showcases wall for you. Ask us for advice or request a quote and we will send you an answer as soon as possible.

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