Pendants - pins

Pendants - pins

Transparent acrylic perspex pendants (Plexiglas-pmma) with personalized markings in digital printing with your logo or advertising. For fashion, merchandising, advertising and other needs.

Acrylic transparent pins (Plexiglas-pmma) to fix in textile garments also with the personalization that you ask for us, with some very competitive costs and from 500 pcs.

Custom Pendants - pins

Here you have custom Pendants - pins work that we have done for our clients.

Standard models of Pendants - pins

Here you have Pendants - pins in standard models that you can buy in our online store directly.

We do not have standard models of Pendants - pins for sale. You can consult our custom Pendants - pins work and contact us to prepare a quote.

Are you looking for custom Pendants - pins?

Get in contact with us! We are experts in the manufacture of custom Pendants - pins and all kinds of products in methacrylate and plastic materials. We adapt to the needs of your business.