One of the most important things that a company has to take into account is the opinion of customers, after all, they are the main source of wealth. As well as that of employees, for which you need a suggestion box for employees. But, above all, a business must have a suggestion box for its customers to use. Public agencies and other institutions are also expected to have it, in order to improve and optimize the service, often also called: mailbox of complaints and suggestions.

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CUSTOM Acrylic plexiglas suggestion boxes

Increasingly, we can see suggestion boxes in companies of any size, sector and activity.

In record time we send you a budget for your need, from a single unit. And in a few days, and depending on the quantities, we deliver your work anywhere. Standard models are also for sale in our online store.

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We manufacture all kinds of suggestion boxes with perspex (plexiglas-pmma) and other plastic materials, in transparent and a wide range of opaque or translucent colors. For advertising, information or suggestions, with the possibility of including corporate image, logos, designs or texts through high quality direct digital printing.

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STANDARD Acrylic plexiglas suggestion boxes products SHOP ONLINE

In Faberplast we not only manufacture customized suggestion boxes, you can also buy standard format suggestion boxes, with the most common measures requested by our clients and the ones most used for these purposes. With or without brochure holders, for your advertising or information. If you are looking for a suggestion box model in stock with fast delivery, here we offer several models.

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Perspex suggestion boxes (plexiglas) are essential for business, for businesses and for public bodies. They deposit letters, forms or forms that indicate what can be improved. Why are they so important? Why choose them from Perspex and not from other material? What customization options do they have? We give you all the answers.

Why perspex suggestion mailboxes are important.

Suggestion boxes are a help to improve, whether they are placed in a business, or if it is done in a company or in a public body, when buying a suggestion box it is good to consider these cases:

Business. The suggestions deposited in the mailboxes placed in business, will serve as an indication of whether everything is being done well or if any changes are necessary. Those who know the needs best are the customers. They will tell you those things you can do differently or what they did not like about products, order or attention.

Business. Making a suggestion box available to employees is also a good thing. Thanks to your complaints and suggestions, the company can improve the work environment. It is also possible to find new ways of business or know if something bad and unknown is happening to you.

Public organisms. Public bodies are designed to help and serve the population. Through the suggestion boxes, you can know if citizens are satisfied with the service they are given or not.

Why choose perspex suggestion boxes

There are suggestion boxes for sale in metal, plastic and other materials, but the most appropriate are methacrylate. There are good reasons to make this statement. For example, transparency. Unlike other suggestion box models, perspex (plexiglas) allows you to see if there are any suggestions inside or not.

Weight is another reason why perspex is preferable. Generally, lighter mailboxes are flimsy, however, those made with perspex barely weigh and are very resistant.

Customization of methacrylate suggestion mailboxes

A mailbox of complaints and suggestions in companies is a very versatile element and can be customized to your liking. If you want to make them safer, you can ask us to include a lock. And if you don't like it to be totally transparent, we will include some colors. In addition, through digital printing, it is possible to capture photographs, images and logos.

Ask us as many mailboxes as you want. We serve you in the direction you indicate from a single unit. If you do not find the one you are looking for in our catalog, tell us how you want it and we will do it for you.

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Are you looking for CUSTOM Acrylic plexiglas suggestion boxes?

Get in contact with us! We are experts in the manufacture of CUSTOM Acrylic plexiglas suggestion boxes and all kinds of products in methacrylate and plastic materials. We adapt to the needs of your business.

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