Can the Perspex-Plexiglas be placed outdoor?

Of course, it has high resistance to weathering and aging.

When a perspex is printed and exposed to the sun, will the printing colours deteriorate?

Everything depends on the printing technique used, new printing techniques ensure more and more durability . In Faberplast we use techniques that ensure unlimited durability of the printing indoor, and depending on exposure to the sun and the inclement weather will last outdoor. Faberplast installed signs and printings outdoor more than 10 years ago that still keep their properties practically like the first day.

Does perspex last a long time outdoor?

It is resistant to weathering and ultraviolet rays. There is no appreciable aging in ten years of external exposure.

What maximum dimensions of plate commercialize?

Standard size 3050x2050mm (see other sizes)

What thicknesses are there?

From 2 to 100 mm. If it is transparent, for colours this treatment is different and the thicknesses are more limited. (higher thicknesses on demand and consultation).

What types of finishing are there?

Glossy, matte and satin surface.

Which is more transparent, the methacrylate or the crystal?

When we talk about transparency index, the methacrylate is better, allowing a 93% of light pass through, while the crystal remains below with an index of 80% to 90% depending on the type of crystal

Is methacrylate easily broken?

The methacrylate is highly resistant to impact, about ten to twenty times more than glass

Maintenance tips and use

How can I clean methacrylate products or objects containing transparent or coloured methacrylate pieces?

The Methacrylate (Plexiglas-PMMA) is a high-quality very special material that is highly glossy and very noble. This is why it requires a specific cleaning treatment. It is very simple and you are not required to use a cleaning product that is specific for methacrylate; however, you must take into account a very important point: must not be cleaned Products manufactured with methacrylate (Plexiglas-PMMA) with agents containing alcohol or its by-products o derivados de alcohol. Ante la duda y si no tienes claro que producto de limpieza contiene o no alcohol o derivados, simplemente utiliza papel de celulosa suave de máxima calidad humedecido con algo de agua.

I have received methacrylate (Plexiglas-PMMA) products that do not seem to be transparent as I expected. They are translucent, have a bluish or greenish colour and appear to be striped or damage. Is this an error or am I supposed to do something?

It is not an error. Some of our methacrylate (Plexiglas-PMMA) products are coated with a a very thin polyethylene film, of a bluish or greenish colour, in order to attain a maximal protection of the parts containing such material before their usage and during their transport. This protecting film is strongly adhered to the products or pieces. As opposed to what occurs with products in other materials, the film is so strongly adhered that it can look as if it were the material itself. In order to remove it, you must insert one of your finger nails into a corner or use, very carefully, a cutter. Using your finger nail is more advisable but, if you have to use a cutter, make sure that you do not touch the methacrylate (Plexiglas-PMMA) and that you only lift a small flap of the film.

Once the corner of the film is lifted, you can remove the rest of the film by hand.

My order was received disassembled and with the screws for me to do the mounting work comfortably. How am I supposed to assemble methacrylate (Plexiglas-PMMA) pieces with screws?

Methacrylate (Plexiglas-PMMA) differs from other materials, highly different from wood or metal. Due to its high transparency, gloss and characteristics, it must be submitted to a very special treatment. When you need to use a metal screw to fasten a methacrylate piece, be careful with your tools to avoid marking or scratching the pieces and, especially, do not apply excessive strength on the metal screws as you would with other materials.

I purchased a methacrylate (Plexiglas-PMMA) lectern and I need to carry and move it up and down all the time. Is there anything that I need to take into account or use some precaution measures?

The Methacrylate lecterns (Plexiglas-PMMA) for events, exhibitions and points of sail are highly resistant and manufactured with very thick parts. However, it is always convenient to move them fastened to the central part (the body) of the lectern. It is not advisable to hold the lectern by its upper part.

Customized products and orders

What is the minimum number of units to make an order?

In customized works there is no minimum order requirement, we can manufacture the number of units according to the needs of the client. In standard products the treatment is different, depending on the type of item and the units marked in each model some items can be sold in boxes of x units, however 80% of our standard products can be purchased by units.

I need to make a customized display for my products sold to the public. What do you need me to send you to do the budget and work?

We are specialists in exhibitors and materials for retail location, we can manufacture all kinds of models adapted to any product. For this we need you to send us a design, sketch or drawing with the exact form and all the measures as accurate as possible of your exhibitor and the products that will contain.

I have seen in your online store a standard product that can fit me for my need but the measures do not work for me, can you make a bespoke work?

 In Faberplast we are manufacturers and the vast majority of the products in our standard range can be custom made , contact us and we will study your case quickly to send you a personalized budget.

I need a custom work. How long does it take to send the budget?

In most cases in the same day or from one day to the next at the latest, for complex budgets from 48 to 72 hours.

I want to place an order for several bespoke products. How long does it take to manufacture it?

As manufacturers we are very fast in the manufacturing processes, thanks to a great team of professionals and latest generation technology. Depending on whether you order 1 unit or large quantities, the delivery time can be different, and it also may depend on the type of product and its complexity. But if for example you ask for 10 personalized trophies, as soon as we receive the accepted budget and the correct printing files we will get with it and in 3-5 days maximum you will receive your work.

Standard products and orders

I have made a purchase of a standard product in your online store. When will I receive it?

The vast majority of the more than 1000 references we have for sale in our online store are in stock, however in each product technical specificationes of the online store we indicate the availability and estimated delivery time of each reference.

Guide for sending files

Please read the above information before sending us your file!

  • Always send vector / traced files (.eps, .ai, .pdf).
  • If bitmap images are sent (.jpg, .png, .tif, .bmp, .psd), they must be in high resolution

  • The colour information must be provided on the Pantone Solid Coated scale (Pantone C).

  • To avoid possible problems with fonts, texts must be converted to curves or traced texts.

All the images attached to files must be registered in the file, not linked

Vector filesWhat is a vector file?

A vector file consists of a series of points that are connected to each other by a line. The advantage of this format is that it can be resized to any size without loss of quality. In addition to being able to apply colour changes if necessary, which is not possible with bitmap files. 

Why should I send vector files?

The logos in full colour will only have the highest quality when they are vector files. Bitmap files are valid for laser engraving. 

How can I know if my file is a vector file?

You can recognize a vector file by its format. The best known files are .eps, .ai, .cdr, .pdf (note that although the file has one of these extensions, it may contain a bitmap file inside it). 

What should I do if I do not have a vector file?

In the case of not having a vector file, please contact your designer, printer or advertising agency. They can provide you with the correct format. Sometimes, our graphic department can convert a bitmap file into a vector file (at an additional cost). For more information, please contact us.   


Bitmap or Rasterized Files

What is a bitmap file?

A bitmap image is formed by a set of pixels. These pixels have different colours and combined they form the image. We can not expand or reduce bitmap images without loss of quality as with vector files. 

   Main points to consider:  

- Send vector files / traced wherever possible (.eps, .ai, .pdf,).  

- If bitmap images are sent (.jpg, .png, .tif, .bmp, .psd), they must be in high resolution.  

- The colour information must be provided on the Pantone Solid Coated scale (Pantone C).

- To avoid problems with fonts, texts must be converted to curves or traced texts. 

- Images attached to files must be registered in the file, not linked.  Please read the information below for more details!  When can we use bitmap images?If the original is a photo, advertisement or any full colour image, you can send a bitmap image (jpg, tif, png, bmp, psd, gif), but keep in mind that: 

- We recommend that the image have at least 300ppp and be in CMYK.  

Can I send my logo in bitmap?

Bitmap logos can be used in certain cases, but we can not change colours or apply pantone colours to these files. The quality of the final printing will depend on the quality of the file we have received.  

How can I know if my files are a bitmap file?

Extend the design, if you can see the pixels getting bigger and bigger, then it is a bitmap file. The most common bitmap files are .jpg, .png, .tif, .bmp, .psd and .gif.

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