The piggy banks with key are very useful to protect the money in the case of using a piggy bank for donations, as could be the case of an NGO and other types of associations. They are also used as piggy banks for weddings or as original piggy banks, hiding the key to the bride and groom and having to get it by passing tests. These are just some useful examples of a piggy bank with a key.

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CUSTOMPiggy banks with key

Depending on the risk that the piggy bank may have, where it is placed or is exposed, we can incorporate a piggy bank with a key of less or greater security, since we have several types of locks, the most basic or some more complex to handle such as tubular locks for piggy banks.

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All our piggy banks are likely to be customized in sizes, format, and finish. It can be in most cases removable models, which facilitate transport costs, minimizing and optimizing the cubic capacity. But in addition to the personalized piggy banks that we carefully make in Faberplast, we can decorate them with digital printing on one or several faces.

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STANDARD Piggy banks with key products SHOP ONLINE

If you do not need a piggy bank with a custom key, you can adapt to some of the measures we have and one of the formats that we show you here, everything will be easier, because right here, in our online store we offer you different models that you can receive in a few days at the address you indicate.

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Are you looking for CUSTOMPiggy banks with key?

Get in contact with us! We are experts in the manufacture of CUSTOMPiggy banks with key and all kinds of products in methacrylate and plastic materials. We adapt to the needs of your business.


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