Packages are generally sent 48-96 hours after receipt and total confirmation of your payment according to the payment method you have chosen, except in cases where we do not have the product in stock. In this case, the product will be sent between 2 and 14 business days after receipt and full confirmation of your payment. In each product sheet we inform you of the exact availability at each moment of the estimated delivery time.

Our transport agencies will send the requested shipping packages as soon as possible, delivering the packages sent in perfect condition. We have transport insurance for shipments that are stolen, lost or suffer any breakage or deterioration during the shipment of the merchandise.

The merchandise will be delivered by the transport agencies commissioned by Faberplast Plásticos, S.L. for this mission, making two attempts at the customer's address and at a single delivery address.

If the customer is not at home or cannot receive the order in any of the two attempts made by the transport agencies commissioned by FABERPLAST, the customer must pay new shipping costs in order to receive their order.

The expenses generated for a new delivery of the order in case it has not been possible to deliver in the two delivery attempts made, will be the same as those generated in said order in question.

If the transport agencies consider it appropriate that this new shipping cost be less than that generated in the order, that amount will be your decision.

- In case of breakage or if you detect a blow to a package, you must indicate it in the signature document and inform us the same day.
- In the case of shipping PALLETS: The delivery addresses of the merchandise must have a point of unloading at street level.
- The logistics agencies for the transport of pallets are not responsible for the depalletizing of the products sent.
- For shipping pallets. It is not possible to make deliveries for offices, apartments, buildings, etc. that require the entry or depalletization of the merchandise.
- In case of depalletization of the merchandise at destination, a separate estimate will be made.

Faberplast is not responsible for goods that are NOT shipped by the company, from the moment they are picked up.
- Faberplast recommends the shipment of this merchandise as we deliver it: with the same packaging and protections. Palletised if delivered on pallets. In case of return, this treatment is compulsory.
- Due to the fragility of the material, we recommend not to stack the packages.
In case of pallet collection by your agency, we advise you to ask for "non stackable shipment".
- In case of breakage or defect of the material in shipments collected by the customer and not sent by Faberplast no claims will be accepted.


Shipping costs include special high-density bubble-protected packaging or special high-impact protection paper to prevent breakage, reinforced double kraft cardboard box, handling of goods in our warehouses, shipping and delivery tracking by our logistics department.

The amount of shipping costs will depend on the type of product, the number of packages and the shipping address.



You have 14 calendar days to make a claim, return or exchange products and exercise your right of withdrawal for orders and standard products purchased online in our online store or purchased offline, once you have received the order at your address.

For this you must put an email indicating your data, order number and you must send it to the following address:

It is necessary that you keep your proof of delivery of the order delivered by our transport agencies to provide us with your shipping number. As well as the delivery note that we deliver within the package.

Faberplast Plásticos, S.L is not responsible for claims or returns made after 14 calendar days from receipt of your order.

In case of return of standard products and orders that have been or have not been made by the web for products that are not in stock, Faberplast will invoice the client for the preparation and handling of the merchandise for orders with cancellation in progress or for delivered orders

In case of defective, damaged or deteriorated products, if the client so wishes, we can exchange the products purchased for new products that are in perfect condition. In these cases, Faberplast will cover the shipping and collection costs.

In case of BREAKAGE of products due to the negligence of the transport agency, returns are not accepted after 24 hours. of the delivery of the merchandise. And in these cases, the delivery note of the transport agency must carry a notation of disagreement or pending revision.

Withdrawal: In case of return of the purchased products, the total refund of the order amount will be made if the client requests it, not including shipping costs.

Product change: In case you need to change a product, you will first have to return your product / s and then place a new order.

The return of products that have been used as protection and security for infections against Covid19 is excluded, such as:

- Plexiglas screens

- Supports for masks

- Gloves and masks bin

- Mask dispenser

- Door push button

The return of products that require special made-to-measure production or by special order for large volumes such as




Changes or cancellations in custom work are not allowed once the budget approval has been signed.

In case of cancellation of a custom work, the amount of the work carried out until the moment of cancellation will be invoiced.

In case of changes in the budgets, a budget will be made based on the new needs requested.

The prices do not include: Vectorization, layout, creation or modification of designs or retouching of images. These works will be budgeted separately. In case of conformity of a budget, you must send this signed and sealed budget.

In case of BREAKAGE of products due to the negligence of the transport agency, returns are not accepted after 24 hours. of the delivery of the merchandise. And in these cases, the delivery note of the transport agency must carry a notation of disagreement or pending revision.

In case of any doubt or enquiry related to its delivery, contact or on the phone: +34 912 237 038

Forms of payment accepted at the store are:

- Bank transfer to the Bankinter account: 

IBAN: ES06 0128 0089 0501 0001 1742


- Payment by credit or debit card of the following cards: Mastercard, Visa, or Maestro.

- Payment with Paypal (+ 1.5% commission on the amount of the order)


Thank you for trusting FABERPLAST


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