Ref. FBB1872-OT631/23

Plexiglas modular boxes made to measure for GOURMAND food shop.
Boxes with sliding lid in 3 stackable holes format and large bottom drawer handmade with acrylic plates (Plexiglas®-PMMA) in our own workshops. Made in Spain. Smooth and polished colourless edges with high gloss thanks to our meticulous work techniques.

The acrylic plexiglas used by Faberplast in our food products can be used for direct contact with all types of food for human consumption, as they comply with the requirements of European Directive 2002/72/EC (as amended by Directive 2004/19/EC and Directive 2005/79/EC).

This product is located in: Boxes plexiglas - Containers plexiglas, Acrylic plexiglas Food Containers, Exhibitors of methacrylate sweets

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