Ref. FBB1753-126/20

Exhibitor in table or counter format made for the company BTI Biotechnology.

Ad-hoc artisan manufacturing for placement of biomedical products and others of the brand. Made in a staggered format with transparent PERSPEX plates and translucent fuchsia (Plexiglas-pmma) that includes a direct digital print of the client's logo.

Element of exhibition and presentation of products in points of sale and events of the company, with great brightness and sharp colors, which will not remain indifferent in its place of exhibition.

If you need a custom exhibitor's budget, we need please provide us:

- Design of the same if it had it

- Measurements and type of product to exhibit

- Material, colors or digital printing

- File of logos and / or plans

In case you do not have some of these requirements, our specialized technicians will be able to make different proposals based on your need, tell us what type of exhibitor we can manufacture for you, we are willing to help you.

This product is located in: Acrylic plexiglas displays and pop, Custom Displays, Acrylic plexiglas product display counter top, Acrylic plexiglas product display on foot, Counter displays

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