Ref. FBB1826-OT894/22

Urn and lid for plexiglas model made to measure for private BOAT.

Urn made of handmade PERSPEX plates (Plexiglas®-PMMA) in our workshops to protect and cover model owned by the customer. Made in UE. Totally airtight and protected from dust or deterioration over time. Smooth and polished colorless edges with high gloss thanks to our meticulous working techniques. Includes support and elevation support for the model.

At Faberplast® we work with acrylic perspex (Plexiglas®) of the highest quality. Not all plexiglas plates or pieces have the same quality, transparency, durability or resistance. Quality is very important. With the acrylic PMMA (Plexiglas®) that we use to manufacture our products, we guarantee 30 years without visible alterations due to sunlight. It retains its appearance, gloss and the transparent, colourless surface.

And now we also manufacture our products with 100% recycled plexiglas.

This product is located in: Urns and covers plexiglas, Cover cases plexiglas

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