Ref. FBB1998-OT764/24

Acrylic plexiglas trophy custom made on the occasion of the MARKETERS awards.
Custom trophies handcrafted with transparent and red high gloss acrylic perspex plates (Plexiglas®-PMMA) in high thickness. Made in Spain. With digital printing and high quality ECO-UV white ink with logo. Smooth and polished colourless edges with high gloss thanks to our careful manufacturing techniques.
A specialised and personalised finish for a great event. Congratulations to the winners.

The absolute yellowing values of the acrylic PMMA (Plexiglas®) from which we make our products even after 30 years are the lowest possible today compared to any other plastic on the market. 

We are sustainable, you can order products with 100% recycled plexiglas.

This product is located in: Trophies, awards and plexiglas presents, Plexiglas Trophies

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