Showcases made of transparent persepx, also called Plexiglas, designed specifically for funko pop. These showcases are ideal for displaying scale reproductions, offering you the option to choose from predefined models or provide us with the measurements to create a set adapted to your preferences.

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CUSTOM Showcases for Funko Pop?

Our funko pop showcases stand out for their ability to be customized. You can choose the size, the integration of a lighting system, the overall design and a greater or lesser number of shelves.

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STANDARD Showcases for Funko Pop? products SHOP ONLINE

Here you have Showcases for Funko Pop? in standard models that you can buy in our online store directly.

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Advantages of placing your Funko Pop in our showcases

The many years we have been in this sector have helped us, among many other things, to realize how valuable are the Funko Pop figures for many people. That is why we have developed showcases that provide a number of benefits, starting with keeping them free of dust.

The task of dusting some Funko Pop figures can be a challenge, as there are hard-to-reach areas and fragile parts that could be damaged by frequent cleaning. As long as this doesn't happen, simply place them in one or more showcases.

Moisture presents another challenge for Funko Pop figures, and not just physical damage. Funko Pop showcases keep ambient water vapor out, ensuring that they are kept in optimal condition for an extended period of time.

You may think that by controlling dust and humidity, you won't be able to visually enjoy your Funko Pop figures as you would when storing them in certain types of furniture, but fortunately this is not the case. Our funko pop showcases have been made with acrylic plexiglas, which allows you to appreciate every detail of your funkos.

Another important advantage of displaying your Funko Pop figures in our showcases is that, in the event of an accidental knock, they are less likely to break. This is attributed to the strength of the structure, an aspect that we will detail later when describing the characteristics of the funko pop showcases we create at Faberplast.

In addition, our Funko Pop showcases simplify the task of keeping them properly organized. If you only own two or three, this advantage may not have a significant impact on your choice, but if you have numerous scale reproductions, we assure you that you will notice the difference. A visually enhanced collection is achieved to some extent through efficient organization.

On top of that, they gain in visual appeal when displayed in a showcase for funko pop. The particular shape of our showcases and the transparency of the material used in their creation offer the opportunity to enjoy even more when observing the scale reproductions you put inside. This way you will be able to enhance their presence.

This is how our Funko Pop showcases look like

The main feature of our showcases for Funko Pop figures, made of Faberplast, is their exceptional resistance. Over the years, they remain in optimal conditions without requiring complicated maintenance. The high quality persepx used in their manufacture not only ensures durability, but also simplifies the cleaning process to the maximum.

On the other hand, the opening of the Funko Pop showcases is very easy, as well as its closing to preserve in good condition this type of figures. This is due to the inclusion of an opening and closing system that is surprisingly practical.

It is striking that our funko pop showcases fit perfectly in all spaces. Whatever the style of the living room, bedroom or other living space, it will harmonize perfectly with the other decorative elements.

Speaking of fitting in, funko pop showcases are ideal for all the scale reproductions you have. Whatever yours are, in all cases you will get a result that will satisfy you. The same goes for showcases for figures in general, a fairly common hobby among funko pop lovers.

Types of funko pop you can place in our showcases

We have recently described the showcases produced by Faberplast, highlighting their remarkable versatility. To demonstrate this last aspect, let's see what types of funko pop are compatible with these sets we develop. Next, we will detail some of the figures most frequently placed by our customers so that you can discover the countless options that will be at your entire disposal.

  • Disney: One of the most influential companies in pop culture is undoubtedly Disney. Almost all of its mythical characters are sold in the form of Funko Pop, from Simba from The Lion King to Ariel from The Little Mermaid. The visual aspect is very reminiscent of the Tsum Tsums manufactured by Disney itself. In this case, the company has given the rights to Funko Pop, which has done a commendable job faithfully recreating mythical characters.
  • Harry Potter: J.K. Rowling's magical franchise invites to collecting, since there are numerous elements that can be acquired and subsequently placed in our showcases. We are not only referring to figurines, but also to wands, grajeas of all flavors, chocolate frogs and a long etcetera. Of course, we also include in the list the Harry Potter Funko Pop. Both the protagonist and Ron, Hermione, Snape, Dumbledore and the one who should not be named -although we will do so at our own risk, Voldemort-, can make an appearance in a set composed of very stable, safe and beautiful shelves.
  • Pokémon: One of Nintendo's greatest successes was to place its trust in Game Freak, a development studio that gave shape to a highly successful saga. Indeed, it is Pokémon whose creatures have invaded the Funko Pop sector. Many of those belonging to the first 151, as well as those of other generations appreciated by fans, have adapted their design to the beautiful and minimalist style of Funko Pop, looking really good in our showcases.
  • Video games in general: Remember we mentioned Nintendo before? The Japanese company has developed many other video games that are also represented in Funko Pop figures, such as Kirby and Donkey Kong. But what about the rest of the companies? Many of them also have a place in this exciting world of collecting funkos, from Sony with its Final Fantasy to SEGA with the legendary character Sonic. Some have also distributed their licenses to LEGO, so the Danish company sells very nice figurines to the eyes of both children and adults. If you are interested in collecting them and do not want to limit yourself only to funko pop, remember that in Faberplast we manufacture showcases for lego.
  • Anime series: Dragon Ball was one of the most influential anime worldwide, as it gave rise to a multitude of fans. Something similar happened years later with Death Note and recently with Attack on the Titans. These three anime have a nourished representation of Funko Pop, in addition to so many other mythical ones of the likes of Sailor Moon.
  • Others: Funko Pop have triumphed largely because there are countless of them, so whatever your tastes, chances are you'll find a few figurines that you love. In any case, all of them can be placed in our showcases, including special editions that include a single figure of considerable dimensions or a pack with several Funko Pop -as is the case of the one that includes Superman and Lois, two characters that, with the help of a support, are kept in a flying position-.
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