Showcases for figures made of transparent persepx, also known as Plexiglas. They are ideal for the display of scale reproductions, allowing you to select from standard models or provide us with the measurements for the creation of a set adapted to your requirements.

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CUSTOM Showcases for figures

Our showcases for figures can be customized based on your preferences, allowing you not only to select the size, but also to customize additional features such as the inclusion of a lighting system, the overall design and the number of shelves.

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STANDARD Showcases for figures products SHOP ONLINE

Here you have Showcases for figures in standard models that you can buy in our online store directly.

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Advantages of placing your figurines in our showcases

We recognize the value that figurines have for hobby enthusiasts. That's why we've developed showcases designed specifically for figurines that offer a number of benefits, starting with keeping them dust-free.

Removing dust from certain figures can be quite challenging, as there are hard-to-reach areas and fragile parts that could be damaged by frequent cleaning. To prevent this, it is sufficient to store them in one or more showcases.

This is not the only thing you will prevent from affecting the figures, since humidity is another of their main adversaries. The showcases for figurines prevent the penetration of environmental water vapor, allowing them to remain in optimal conditions for many years.

You may think that by controlling dust and humidity, you will not be able to visually appreciate your figurines; however, this is not the case. Our figure showcases are made of transparent plexiglas, allowing you to admire every detail of your scale reproductions.

One of the outstanding advantages of displaying your figures in our showcases is that, in case of an accidental blow, the probability of breakage is considerably lower. This is due to the solid strength of the structure, an aspect that we will discuss in more detail when describing the characteristics of the figure showcases we create at Faberplast.

In addition, our figurine showcases make it easy to keep your figurines properly organized. If you only own two or three, this advantage may not have a significant impact on your choice, but if you have numerous scale reproductions, you will appreciate the difference. A visually enhanced collection is achieved through efficient organization.

Also, it is worth noting that they acquire greater visual appeal when you place them in a showcase for figures. The distinctive shape of our showcases and the transparency of the material used in their manufacture give you the opportunity to enjoy even more the scale reproductions you place inside, enhancing their presence.

This is what our figurine showcases look like

An outstanding feature of our Faberplast figurine showcases is their exceptional resistance. Over the years, they remain in optimum condition without the need for complex maintenance. The high quality persepx used in their manufacture not only guarantees durability, but also facilitates cleaning.

In addition, it is easy to open the figure showcases, as well as to close them to keep your scale reproductions in good condition. This is because we have incorporated an opening and closing system that is both simple and practical.

It goes without saying that our figurine showcases fit perfectly into any space. Regardless of the style of the dining room, bedroom, office or any other place, it will harmonize perfectly with the other decorative elements.

In terms of adaptation, the figurine showcases are perfect for any type of scale reproduction. Regardless of which ones are yours, in all cases you will get an unbeatable result. The same can be said of showcases for funko pop, a fairly common hobby among figure lovers.

Types of figures you can place in our showcases

We have recently talked about the showcases produced by Faberplast, highlighting their remarkable versatility. Now, what types of figures are compatible with these constructions we mold? Below, we will detail some of them so you can discover the countless options that will be at your disposal.

  • Marvel and DC: Comic book lovers do not only collect this type of works. And the fact is that they also tend to like the figures very much. Fortunately, most of the mythical characters of two great companies such as Marvel and DC have been represented in the form of figures of various sizes. Regardless of the dimensions they have, do not worry because they will fit perfectly in our showcases ... even the bulky Hulk! To the list we must add Spider-Man, Batman, Captain America, Suicide Girl, Catwoman, Iron Man and many others.
  • Movies: Some movies are released and pass through the box office with no pain or glory, but with others the opposite is true. Scarface is a clear example, as well as Jaws, Alien: The Eighth Passenger, Back to the Future and many others. Of course, when collecting figures from so many different movies, the sizes end up being varied, as well as their weights. Don't worry at all, because the versatility of our showcases allows you to keep them all in a safe place and achieve a very homogeneous visual result.
  • Anime: Naruto, One Piece, Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball, Oliver and Benji... since the first anime series appeared, this sector has become very popular, as evidenced by the immense number of figures that exist. They represent not only series, but also movies, some of them as good as Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro and The Walking Castle. It is surprising how detailed these figures are. The transparency of our showcases will allow you to observe every detail perfectly.
  • Video games: Kingdom Hearts is one of the best-selling video games because its characters combine the best of the Disney and Final Fantasy worlds. You don't like this type of game and prefer others such as Super Mario, Tekken, Fallout, Zelda or Skyrim? Regardless of the franchises you are a fan of, the very large catalog of figures will allow you to easily find the ones that are ideal for you. Some of the most legendary video games are also represented in other similar products such as LEGO and miniatures. In this regard, we remind you that in Faberplast we also showcases for lego and showcases for miniatures.
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