Created with transparent persepx, known as Plexiglas, our showcases for LEGO are the perfect choice for the presentation of this type of figures. Whether you prefer standard models or you want to customize the dimensions, we are ready to tailor a set to fit your requirements.

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CUSTOM Showcases for Lego

The Lego displays we shape allow for complete customization, from size to additional features such as the inclusion of a light system, overall design and number of shelves, to suit your specific needs.

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STANDARD Showcases for Lego products SHOP ONLINE

Here you have Showcases for Lego in standard models that you can buy in our online store directly.

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Advantages of placing your LEGO in our showcases

We understand the value that LEGO have for hobbyists. That's why we've created showcases that offer a wide range of benefits, such as dust protection.

Keeping some LEGO dust-free can be tricky, as certain areas are difficult to access and fragile parts can be damaged if they are cleaned every so often. In order to prevent this from happening, simply store them in showcases.

Preventing damage to Lego sets is not just a matter of preventing physical damage, as moisture can also be detrimental. Showcases for LEGO prevent ambient water vapor from penetrating, ensuring that they will be kept in optimal condition for many years to come.

You may think that by controlling dust and humidity, you won't be able to enjoy your LEGO visually to the fullest. Not so, since our Lego showcases have been manufactured with acrylic plexiglas, allowing you to admire the various details that are part of the various LEGO you have.

An important benefit of placing your LEGO in our showcases is that they are less likely to break if they are accidentally knocked. This is due to the strength of the structure, a detail that we will explore later when describing the features of the Lego showcases we manufacture at Faberplast.

Not only that, but our Lego showcases help keep these pieces properly organized. If you only have two or three, this advantage may not be the deciding factor in your decision, but if you have numerous scale reproductions, you'll notice the difference. Proper organization contributes to visually enhancing a collection.

In addition, it is important to note that they acquire greater visual appeal when displayed in a showcase for Lego. The unique shape of our showcases and the transparency of the material used in their manufacture give you the possibility to enjoy even more when you look at the scale elements you put inside, thus enhancing their appearance.

This is what our showcases for LEGO look like

The first thing that stands out about the Lego showcases we manufacture at Faberplast is their high level of resistance. Over the years, they remain in perfect condition without the need for complex maintenance. The high quality persepx used in their manufacture not only guarantees durability. In addition, it makes cleaning as easy as possible, which is to be welcomed.

In addition, the Lego showcases are easy to open and easy to close to keep them in good condition. This is because we have incorporated an opening and closing system that is not only simple, but also practical.

It is worth noting that our Lego showcases adapt perfectly to all spaces. This is a clear sign of how versatile they are not only at a functional level, but also in decorative terms.

In terms of adaptation, Lego showcases are perfect for any type of scale reproduction. Regardless of which ones are yours, in all cases you will be one hundred percent satisfied. The same goes for our showcases for figures, a fairly common hobby among Lego lovers.

Types of Legos you can place in our display cases

??At Faberplast, we have developed display cases that stand out for their versatility. However, what types of legos are suitable for these structures? Find out by reading through some options so you can appreciate the various possibilities that arise when you get one of our sets for your own LEGO figures.?

  • Superheroes: The Danish company knows how successful superheroes are not only in selling comics, but also at the box office and in many other areas. This is why it has not hesitated to acquire the licenses of several of them such as Thor, Black Widow, Wolverine, Wonder Woman and Aquaman. Did you know that many are sold in packs containing small-sized figures? We are talking about a total that exceeds 4,000 minifigures, including those that are marketed loose. Their small dimensions are reminiscent of miniatures. That is why this type of legos can also be placed in our showcases for miniatures.
  • Movies: Some films have given rise to mythical scenes, illustrious characters or other elements that LEGO does not hesitate to represent with its particular style. A clear example is the house in Up, a Pixar movie whose first minutes leave no one indifferent. Both the balloons of the house and the protagonists and the charismatic little dog make an appearance in a visually very striking set. This is just a sample of hundreds: the house elf Dobby from the Harry Potter franchise, the T. Rex from Jurassic Park, the Imperial Soldiers from Star Wars and a very long etcetera. It is noteworthy that some characters are also designed by the competition in somewhat different figures: the Funko Pop. Remember that we also sell funko pop showcases.?

  • Ninjago: Did you know that LEGO not only buys mythical licenses? This Denmark-based company also shapes its own products, as demonstrated by Ninjago. It is a cartoon TV series that is especially popular with the youngest members of the household, although adults are also hooked because it combines the best of superheroes with themes such as martial arts and adventure, all seasoned with touches of humor. LEGO Ninjago figures are one of the most successful in terms of sales.

  • Minecraft: There are many types of video game LEGO available, such as Pokémon and Super Mario. However, the most successful by far are those based on the Minecraft universe. And no wonder, since it is a title that invites gamers to build their own world with blocks. Some articulated figures are quite small, but those that recreate scenarios such as 'The First Adventure' do cover considerable dimensions. The versatility of our lego display cases allows you to keep them well stored and without this preventing you from appreciating even the smallest detail.


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