Ref. FBB1948-OT56/24

Acrylic plexiglas display case made for the MAZINGER Z collection figure.

Showcase in large format with double door made of transparent and black acrylic (Plexiglas®-PMMA) and with high top recess. Smooth and polished colourless edges with high gloss thanks to our delicate manufacturing processes.

A specialised and personalised finish for a great figure. With the acrylic PMMA (Plexiglas®) that we use to manufacture our plexiglas showcases, we guarantee 30 years without visible alterations due to sunlight. It retains its appearance, gloss and the transparent, colourless surface.

And now we also manufacture our products with 100% recycled plexiglas.


This product is located in: Plexiglas Showcases, Custom showcases, Showcases for collecting, Exhibition showcases plexiglas, Showcases for figures, Showcases for models

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