Showcases for scale models made of transparent persepx -also known as Plexiglas- which are ideal for all kinds of scale reproductions. Regardless of their size, you can choose standard models or send us the measurements so that we can create a set adapted to your needs.

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CUSTOM Showcases for models

Our scale model showcases can be customized by choosing not only the size, but also other features such as the incorporation of a lighting system, as well as the overall design and the total number of shelves.

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STANDARD Showcases for models products SHOP ONLINE

Here you have Showcases for models in standard models that you can buy in our online store directly.

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Advantages of placing your models in our showcases

We are aware that models have a great value for those who love this hobby. That's why we have decided to create model display cabinets that provide a multitude of advantages, starting with saying goodbye to dust.

Removing dust from some models is a really complicated task, as some areas are difficult to access, while certain fragile parts could be damaged by having to clean them every now and then. To avoid this, simply keep them safely stored in one or more display cabinets.

This is not the only thing that will prevent this from taking its toll on the models, as humidity is another of their main enemies. Display cabinets for models prevent the penetration of this water vapour present in the environment of the room in question, so they will remain in optimum condition for many more years.

You may think that, in exchange for keeping dust and humidity at bay, you won't be able to enjoy your models visually, as you would if you kept them in a cupboard or other similar piece of furniture, but nothing could be further from the truth. Our model display cabinets are made of acrylic plexiglas, which is transparent, so you will be able to admire every detail of your scale reproductions.

Another of the most important advantages of placing your models in our display cases is that, if they receive an accidental knock, they are less likely to break. This is due to the good resistance of the structure, a factor that we will go into further when we describe the characteristics of the model display cabinets that we shape at Faberplast.

What's more, our model display cabinets make it easier to keep them properly organised. If you only have two or three, this advantage should not influence your decision, but if you have a lot of scale reproductions, you will notice the difference. A collection is visually enhanced if it is well organised.

In addition to all this, it is important to add that they are visually enhanced if you place them in a model display case. The shape of our showcases and the transparency of the material used to make them make you enjoy even more the scale reproductions you place inside them, which are enhanced.

This is what our model display cabinets are like

The first thing that stands out about the model showcase we manufacture at Faberplast is their high level of resistance. No matter how many years go by, they remain in perfect condition and, what's more, without the need for complex maintenance. The methacrylate we use to manufacture them is of high quality and is very easy to clean.

On the other hand, opening the model showcase is very easy, as well as closing them so that your scale reproductions remain in good condition. This is because the opening and closing system we integrate is simple and practical in equal parts.

It is noteworthy that our scale model showcase fit perfectly in all spaces. Whatever the style of the dining room, bedroom, office or any other place, it will fit in perfectly with the rest of the decorative elements.

Speaking of adaptation, model display cabinets are ideal for any type of scale reproduction. Whatever your needs are, in all cases you will obtain an unbeatable result. The same can be said of showcase for models, a fairly common hobby among model lovers.

Types of models you can place in our display cabinets

As we have just seen, the display cases we manufacture at Faberplast stand out for their versatility. But, what types of models can these structures we shape be used for? Below we will describe some of them so that you can see the infinite possibilities you will have.

Vehicles: They are one of the most popular models worldwide. The variety is immense, although not only the visual result obtained with them changes. The difficulty of building them also varies. For example, model ships tend to be the most complex, while model trains are quite simple in comparison. Many other types of vehicles such as cars and trucks, as well as those from films or other pop culture works, are added to the list. Among the most successful is the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars, a franchise that is also successful in other sectors similar to that of models such as showcases for LEGOs and showcases for Funko Pop. In this sense, we remind you that we also sell showcases for legos and showcases for funko pop.

Monuments: In every country there are a few monuments that year after year attract a huge number of tourists. The Eiffel Tower is a clear example, as well as the Big ben, the Roman Coliseum and even sports stadiums. Despite the considerable dimensions that some of them tend to have - however small the scale - they fit perfectly in our showcases. In fact, they look even better.

Towns or cities: If the size of a model of a monument is already considerable, it is nothing compared to those of a town or city. Of course, they only cover a few emblematic points and do not pretend to be one hundred percent realistic. Even so, the result is a rather bulky and even heavy set. Don't worry, though, because the Faberplast showcases will be safe and secure without either of these factors affecting the stability of the structure in the slightest.

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