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Connection Kit for 1 microphone for lecterns GREAT DYANA models. (Microphone not included)

Includes the following components:

1 XLR Connectors upper tip H (+ Chassis Neutrik cable outlet cap trim)
1 lower pointed Conextores Neutrik XLR M air.
1 Zocalo adapter connector XLRH / XLRM to stand out.
4 Sets of Screws intern adapted to 10 mm thick panel.


THE conectotizacion kit microphone on stand, allows installation necessary for the typical swan decuello microphone plugs into the counter top and the cable from the mixer to do so on the bottom of the lectern.
The kit can be installed by anyone without using the cable used is soldador.El company Canare gray and fine diameter to be hidden easily, Six-Eight in length, to suit the height of any stand, collection on a small roll the surplus in partede below the lectern, where you can hide without problems.

Each Kit allows connecting a single microphone, as usually use two, you need two kit.Se normally supplied with a set of metric screws to firmly secure intern chassis connector to the lectern.

ATRILKIT-NEU model is made of the known connectors and incorporating company Neutrik chasismacho connector / socket to be placed on the bottom of the stand

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