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Acrylic perspex plexiglas event lectern model: DYANA BLACK for all kinds of conferences, fairs, press conferences, electoral campaigns, and other utilities.

With bracket for logo placement or space reserved for messages, designs or others. Includes intermediate shelf and pre-installation for microphones - cables on top and bottom.


Made entirely of high-quality noble materials: transparent and black perspex plates of high thickness and resistance (Plexiglas - PMMA). Body structure in a single piece with exclusive construction techniques and processed with high precision laser technology.


  • Total height: 125 cm.
  • Top plate: 65 x 45 cm.
  • Logo bracket: 65 x 15/16 cm
  • Base: 45 x 38 cm.
  • Diameter of upper holes pre-installed micros: 23.6 mm. + Double mini bottom drill: 3 mm.


  • We perform digital printing of logos, images or designs for placement on the gusset and / or body of the lectern
  • We have accessories for microphones
  • We make special wooden transport boxes or metal trolleys with wheels.
  • Contact us for options on event stands.

Format and shipping:

  • National shipments are made only on a pallet.

Maintenance tips:

  • It is recommended to clean the transparent methacrylate stands (plexiglas-pmma) only with neutral soap and a soft cellulose paper.
  • It is not recommended to use products with alcohol or alcohol derivatives in plexiglas-perspex pieces to maintain the original state of the material.
  • Always move them by holding them by the central part of the lectern, by the body of the lectern. It is not recommended to take the music stand by the top.

Manufacture to measure:

At Faberplast we are manufacturers, if you need a custom methacrylate lectern, with any change in the indicated measures or modifications to the base design we can do it, contact us and we will quickly send you your budget.


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