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Plexiglas Display NUANCED stand for latest generation mobile phones and smartphones. For exhibition, presentation and sale to the public in all types of points of sale, ideal complement for POS and placement in plexiglas showcases or plexiglas displays. Ideal also for private use in your home, for teleworking and in offices, with this support you will always have your mobile at hand and in position to use it.


Manufactured with nuanced plexiglas plates (Plexiglas®-pmma) of 3 mm. of thickness. Smooth to the touch and transparent polished edges with laser treatment.


Width: 8 cm. Depth: 9 cm. Height: 10 cm.

Custom manufacturing:

At Faberplast® we are manufacturers, if you need a display custom perspex (Plexiglas®-PMMA) display stand for mobile phones, contact us and we will quickly send you your budget. We work any quantity and all in record time.

Maintenance tips:

- It is recommended to clean the methacrylate mobile supports (Plexiglas®-pmma) only with neutral soap and a soft cellulose paper.
- It is not advisable to use products with alcohol or alcohol derivatives on methacrylate pieces to maintain the original state of the material.

This product is located in: Acrylic plexiglas displays and pop, Plexiglas basses and stands, Acrylic plexiglas product display counter top, Acrylic plexiglas product display on foot, Mobile phone displays

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