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Perspex panel partition TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT manufactured for all types of jobs and a TOTAL greater protection against virus infections. Personal screen for patient control and temperature measurement.

Made with transparent Perspex plates (Plexiglas-pmma) and matt white foampan (foamed pvc).

Includes upper window for temperature taking with manual circular door. The Perspex partition to avoid contact and control of people, has been designed with a light format, easy to transport, removable and widely measured for the mobility of people who use it for many hours.


Height: 1.9 meters.

Width: 90 cms.

Depth: 30 cms.



- It is recommended to clean the transparent Perspex partitions (plexiglas-pmma) only with neutral soap and a soft cellulose paper.

- It is not recommended to use products with alcohol or alcohol derivatives in Perspex pieces to maintain the original state of the material.


At Faberplast we are manufacturers, if you need a custom protection Perspex panel partition, with any change in the indicated measures or modifications on the base design we can do it, contact us and we will quickly send you your budget.

This product is located in: Other products plexiglas, Perspex screens, Office screens, Screens for Bars, Restaurants and Catering

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