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Perspex container and dispenser model BOB.

Standard manufacturing in an artisan way with transparent perspex plates (Plexiglas-pmma) for all types of objects sold to the public, including food products and direct contact with food.

Measures (Width x Depth x Height): 14 x 10 x 20 cm. (See details of other measures in the product photo).

Model valid for tabletop installation and with anchoring system to hang on the wall or any other surface.

The perspex-plexiglas used by Faberplast in our food products can be used for direct contact with all types of food for human consumption, as they comply with the requirements of European Directive 2002/72 / EC (Amended by directive 2004/19/EC and directive 2005/79/CE).

Custom made:

At Faberplast® we are manufacturers, if you need custom Acrylic plexiglas Food Containers (Plexiglas®-PMMA), contact us and we will quickly send you your budget. We work any quantity and all in record time. And now we also manufacture our products with 100% plexiglas recycled.

Maintenance tips:

- It is recommended to clean transparent acrylic perspex products (Plexiglas®-pmma) only with neutral soap and a soft cellulose paper.
- It is not advisable to use products with alcohol or alcohol derivatives on plexiglas pieces to maintain the original state of the material.
- For more information see maintenance and cleaning tips and help page

This product is located in: Boxes plexiglas - Containers plexiglas, Acrylic plexiglas Food Containers, Acrylic plexiglas displays and pop, Acrylic plexiglas product display on foot, Display stands for bakery products, Exhibitors of methacrylate sweets

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